My name is Winston Black and I am a member of the Brisbane Steel Guitar Club. I began playing with a lap steel that I made myself from a piece of Silky Oak I had laying around. Later on I purchased a pedal steel guitar operated by cables and a couple of foot pedals from Dooley McDonald. My next instrument was an Emmons Student model and once I found I had out grown the Student model I went to an Emmons S10 which is still in my possession. I am now playing a Noel Anstead's Anapeg keyless guitar.

I started my playing with a few lessons from the late Side Downs and after a while I joined the Northern Suburb's Country Music Club which had a young fellow by the name of Keith Urban as a member. I decided to join the club band as a Steel Player and played on most of their club days and shows. The band also had their own gigs outside of the club under the name of THE IMAGES. It was in the days of floor shows and we got to back artists such as Smokey Dawson, Chad Morgan, Reg Lindsay, Lee Conway, Bill and Boyd, Rod Williams, Barbara Thompson, John Mc Sweeney, Jimmy Little, Ellie Lavelle and Maria Dallas.

We also played at the Gympie Muster, Tamworth and various other shows around the place. The Images were together for over 20 years. I also filled in with other bands such as John Graigo's Cactus Cowboys and Rockin' Ray Gibson. I have done recording for various artists at a number of studios around Brisbane. John Graigo's Studio and Sunshine Studios to name a couple

I am currently in the backing band of the Pumicestone Country Music Club on Bribie Island the 4th Sunday of every montjh. I do the old job with John Cornelius who does solo work around Brisbane. We also get together once a month at the Moonah Park Retirement Village. I also do one day a month there with the Diversional Therapist who sings and I fill in with instruments

My other interests are Blue Grass Music, guitar, banjo, bass, dobro, tennis, golf, the grandkids and mowing the grass (Blue of course)