The Steel Guitar Australia’s first Convention in March 2014.

Here are photos Brian Sharp B# took at the Steel Guitar Australia's first Melbourne convention in March this year.

 There is a website at but it is still a “work in progress” situation. I understand there is also something on face book but B# doesn't go there.

Brian B# contacted 5 steel players he knew from various places in Victoria about this event and to his surprise, they all turned up!  Brian Sharp B# has gone out of his way to get these photos to me  as the Melbourne Steel Guitar web page may not go any further . Here is a quote from Brian: It was a 2 hour drive to the event from the Gippsland coast where I live and I had to leave before the event finished, (I wanted to get home before dark because you can't see the potholes in the road at night!), so there may be photos or video from those who stayed until
the event finished.

B# is quite pro active in the steel guitar world and he phoned me to let me know that he liked the new club page which was really nice of him.,

SGA Convention 4a                                               SGA Convention 5a

There was a 94yr old lady, Joan Holt who initially learnt the Pedal Steel Guitar from Les Adams and can still play a few tunes on her Rickenbacher.


B# saw her name in an issue of "Steel Guitar Addicts" magazine, (see photo), and knew she lived somewhere in St.Kilda.


So looked her up in the phone book and invited her. B#  rang her after the event and she said she had a really great time.

SGA Convention 9

The photo with two ladies chatting is Lorna Xanthos facing the camera, talking to Mrs Rodgerson

The rest of the photos I will put up and see if you know the players

SGA Convention 6               SGA Convention 6a - Copy

          SGA Convention 2a     SGA Convention 3a









                                      SGA Convention 4

           SGA Convention 1All                                                  

All photos and info provided by Brian Sharp B# in Victoria.