Here are a few photos that I thought were worth putting up so let's hope you enjoy them


055 It certainly looks as though Bruce Green is enjoying himself 054
024 Here we have Jay Dee Maness and Noel Anstead enjoying a funny moment 023

Left: Now Bob you've gotta put that cord in some where but please not in your ear!!

Right: Pick Me Pick Me says Milton thinking he's still in school with his hand up.


Left: Umm, Paddy that's a serious get 'out of my face' look. OK, Ok, I'll put my camera away says Ken

Right: Kenny is really getting down to business now. Look at that for concentration

PGS 2 002

Left: Gary thinks this is hard work while his guitarist jokes with Drummer:

Right: Gareth thought it was time to be serious about this hard work that Gary is playing

PGS 2 020


Wendy just checking on Jay Dee to make sure he knows her song and Jim Wendi's father looks as though he is making hard work of the song.




Now I think you can go home Milton. You are the last Act!!