First Steel Guitar
I was driving around Sydney and I heard the song "Misty" come on the radio. The solo came on and I had to pull over to hear the rest of the song. I found out it was Ray Stevens and J.D Manness playing steel. The following week I traded in my prized Gibson J200 and I bought my first steel, a Showbud Single Neck.
First Influences
Hank Marvin from the Shadows. My first Steel guitar influence was Hal Rugg. He played on a lot of Loretta Lynn albums which I loved.
First Gig

I was in my school band, around 1974 playing at Campsie Masonic Hall. Unfortunately we had to pack down and leave early as a fire broke out!
Worst Gig
Playing at a wedding and spent most of the night being pelted with cheese by some guys. Needless to say they were drunk! I threatened the biggest guy with the leg of my steel!!!. When he backed down, all was cool and no more cheese was thrown.
Day Job
I worked at EMI Records at Homebush when I first left school. Then I worked for Births, Deaths and Marriages and an insurance company before I became a full-time musician at age 18.
Fav. Food
Any good fish curry or lamb vindaloo
Fav Pickers
Hank Marvin, Buddy Emmons, Albert Lee, Hal Rugg, Lloyd Green, Chet Atkins Stuie French and a jazz picker called Jimmy Rainey
Fav. Singers
Frank Sinatra, Merle Haggard, George Jones, Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughan and Emmy Lou Harris
Fav. Instrument
My new Zum Steel and my DeGruchy Dobro – a dead heat between the two!!!
Biggest Buzz
I have two – The first is when playing a great gig with the Feral Swing Katz and we're not even thinking, Stu and I are playing as one.

The other biggest buzz was at the St Louis International Steel Guitar Convention – Feral Swing Katz are on main stage playing "Stealin' Corn" written by Norman Hamlet & Roy Nichols (Roy and Norman are the main guys behind the Merle Haggard sound). We dedicated it to Norman knowing that he was at the Convention 'somewhere!' I got the fright of my life when halfway through the song, I felt a hand on my shoulder and there was Norman on stage with me!

Note: Feral Swing Katz web site is worth going to look at as there are more pics of Michel and many interesting things to read about Michel and the Feral Swing Katz. http://www.feralswingkatz.com/