Anthony Square neck Resonator guitar

Wayne Appleby Signature Model ©


  • body and fret board built from selected Tasmanian Blackwood
  • eathered Maple binding


  • feathered Maple head stock, with Gold Schaller tuning heads
  • American BEARD SPUN resonator cone.


  • Chrome resonator cover and bridge.


  • Fret markers and position dots are Australian pearl shell.


The guitar is finished in a clear lacquer high gloss.

It retails for around AUS $2,200 including a hard case.

More information is available at



Des Anthony Guitars Releases the Wayne Appleby Signature Model Square Neck Resonator Guitar

Individually crafted by Des Anthony for Australian & International pedal steel player Wayne Appleby, the unique resonator guitar features a cosmetic design and choice of woods.

The finished product Serial Number 001 built entirely in Des Anthony’s Australian workshop, made its debut last Saturday 22 March 2008.

Wayne Appleby, a touring musician in Australia for many years, who also specializes in resofonic guitar session work applauded the work of the Brisbane-based luthier, saying ‘I picked up the first Anthony WA Signature Model today, what a hell of a sound and built with Des's touch.’

‘All in all one beautiful guitar.’

‘Even it is not played in yet, I have never heard such a true tone and sound in my fifty odd years as a musician owning many Resofonic guitars of all makes’ he continued.

‘I can’t wait to use it in a studio and on stage because every note is so clear and true and has such a great round sound from a very strong bass great mids and bell like treble.’

Anthony Guitars has already secured 4 orders for the new instrument.

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