This is a husband and wife team who really make music happen.

Graham has been playing conventional guitar since he was 14 years old, but in 1976 he started to play the Pedal Steel Guitar.

In 1978 Graham went to Little Rock Arkansas where he broadened his style under Zane Beck to Jazz. The other great inspiration was Sydney's Jack Richards.

Since that time Graham has played in many different contexts such as "western swing" (The Baylor Brothers), "country" (various artists, including Reg Lindsay, Keith Glass, Anne Kirkpatrick, Ian B. MacLeod and the Rockabilly Express), original (Mental as Anything, Fifty Million Beers) "jazz" (Ian Date, George Washingmachine, Roger Janes and Tom Baker), R&B (Donny Hop & the Kings of Bop) and Hawaiian (Hoola). He has also recorded with various bands and artists including The Welcome Matt, Knievel, Alan Caswell, Dave Steel, Jason Walker & Karl Broadie. His playing can be heard on the movie Danny Deckchair (2003). He also recently recorded with WA pop band “Little Birdy”.

Jenny Griffith is a singer/guitarist/ukulele player and has worked with the following bands: Juke Joint Ramblers, Way out West, Faye La Sweet, Jazz West, Hoola and Out of Nowhere. Along with Graham she shares a love for nice tunes which allow dynamics and nuance as is found with jazz standards and the Hawaiian music. Grabbed for her strong rhythm playing, Jenny’s recent projects include playing banjo-ette in a Dixieland band.

“Hoola” is the name of Graham & Jenny’s Hawaiian combo and “Out of Nowhere” is the name of their other band which plays standards and some choice country tunes. Another band, “Jazz West”, concentrates on country, cowboy and western swing tunes with some standards thrown in for good measure. Their association has seen them do corporate work for Amex, McPhee Transport and Foxtel, among many others. They even played at the 1996 Homebake festival as well as playing a support in 2001 for the aria award winning band “The Avalanches”. In 1999 they took their music to a convention in Hawaii.

The Repertoire that Graham and Jenny share is far too extensive to put onto a small Web Page, so the best thing that we can suggest is to book into the Convention and come, see and enjoy their musical talents, from Hawaiian to Country to Jazz.

In June 2012 Graham was inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame which really thrilled him. What an honour!