This club started with very small beginnings of only 4 founding members, namely Adrian Bramich, Clive Pearce, Ken Simmons, and Noel Anstead. The Club now has many members who are Steel Players and each year since 1995 they have held an Annual Festival. The popularity of the Festivals saw it grow from the Club Hotel in Waterford to the Kedron Wavell Services Club. Now held at Geebung RSL




St Gerard's Marjella Hall

146 Maundrell Terrace

West Chermside

The Hall situated at the end of the Driveway

If you would like to contact us with any enquiries feel free to do so at:

Most of us who know what a Steel Guitar looks like recognizes that it isn't an electric or an acoustic guitar with ‘steel strings’. As time has passed it is great to see that people are becoming more knowledgeable regarding the Steel Guitar.

We have heard bands introduce the Steel Guitarist as the “guy on that ‘knitting machine’ and we see the likeness, but…….. There are many types of Steel Guitars, from Lap Steels, Dobros, and Pedal Steels with foot pedals and knee levers that you need a licence to drive, to the Slide Guitar.

It has got to be the beautiful sound of the Steel Guitar that draws people to them, it certainly can’t be learning to play them, as any steel guitarist will tell you what a challenge that can be, but it is also very rewarding. The Steel Guitar is commonly used as a backing instrument for vocalists and other instruments combined, but the majority of Steel Guitar players do play ‘instrumentals’ as well. These Steel players play a range of music from Country, Country Rock, Jazz and even Classical music.















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